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Organization and Nature of Business

Organization and Nature of Business
6 Months Ended
Jun. 30, 2022
Organization and Nature of Business and Going Concern [Abstract]  
Organization and Nature of Business Organization and Nature of Business
Inpixon is the Indoor Intelligence™ company. Our solutions and technologies help organizations create and redefine exceptional workplace experiences that enable smarter, safer and more secure environments. We leverage our positioning, mapping, analytics and app technologies to achieve higher levels of productivity and performance, increase safety and security, improve worker and employee satisfaction rates and drive a more connected workplace. We have focused our corporate strategy on being the primary provider of the full range of foundational technologies needed in order to offer a comprehensive suite of solutions that make indoor data available and meaningful to organizations and their employees.

Our Indoor Intelligence solutions are used by our customers for a variety of use cases including, but not limited to, employee and visitor experience enhancement through a customer branded app with features such as desk booking, wayfinding and navigation, and the delivery of content to tens of thousands of attendees in hybrid events. Our real time location (RTLS) and asset tracking products offer manufacturing and warehouse logistics optimization and automation, increase workforce productivity, and enhance worker safety and security.

In addition to our Indoor Intelligence technologies and solutions, we also offer:

Digital solutions (eTearsheets; eInvoice, adDelivery) or cloud-based applications and analytics for the advertising, media and publishing industries y advertising management platform referred to as Shoom by Inpixon; and

A comprehensive set of data analytics and statistical visualization solutions for engineers and scientists referred to as SAVES by Inpixon.
We report financial results for three segments: Indoor Intelligence, Shoom and SAVES. For Indoor Intelligence, we generate revenue from sales of hardware, software licenses and professional services. For Shoom and SAVES, we generate revenue from the sale of software licenses.