Quarterly report pursuant to Section 13 or 15(d)

Ten Degrees Acquisition

Ten Degrees Acquisition
6 Months Ended
Jun. 30, 2021
Business Combination And Asset Acquisition [Abstract]  
Ten Degrees Acquisition Ten Degrees AcquisitionOn August 19, 2020, in accordance with the terms and conditions of that certain Asset Purchase Agreement ("APA"), by and among the Company, Ten Degrees Inc. (“TDI”), Ten Degrees International Limited (“TDIL”), mCube International Limited (“MCI”), and the holder of a majority of the outstanding capital of TDIL and mCube, Inc., and the sole shareholder of 100% of the outstanding capital stock of MCI (“mCube,” together with TDI, TDIL, and MCI collectively, the “Transferors”), the Company acquired a suite of on-device “blue-dot” indoor location and motion technologies, including patents, trademarks, software and related intellectual property from the Transferors (collectively, the “TDI Assets”). In accordance with Rule 11-01(d) and ASC 805 Business Combinations , the transaction was deemed to be the acquisition of a group of assets, and not to be accounted for as a business combination, with an asset acquisition date of August 19, 2020. The TDI Assets were acquired for consideration consisting of (i) $1.5 million in cash and (ii) 480,000 shares of the Company's common stock. In accordance with the terms of the APA, commencing as of the date of the APA, the Transferors, and their affiliates, have agreed to not compete with our business associated with the TDI Assets for a period of five years from the closing date. In addition, each party agreed to not solicit any employees from the other party for a period of one year from the closing date, subject to certain exceptions.
The total recorded purchase price for the transaction was $2.1 million, which consisted of the cash paid of $1.5 million and $600,000 representing the value of the stock issued upon closing.
The preliminary purchase price is allocated as follows (in thousands):
Fair Value Allocation
Assets Acquired:
Developed technology $ 1,701 
Non-compete agreements 399 
Total Purchase Price $ 2,100 
The value of the intangibles were calculated by a third party valuation firm based on projections and financial data provided by management of the Company. The developed technology and non-compete agreements acquired are included in the consolidated balance of intangible assets as of June 30, 2021. There was no goodwill acquired or recognized as a result of the acquisition of Ten Degrees.