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Jibestream Acquisition (Details Textual)

Jibestream Acquisition (Details Textual) - Jibestream Acquisition [Member]
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Aug. 15, 2019
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Jibestream Acquisition (Textual)  
Cash consideration, description (i) CAD $5,000,000, plus an amount equal to all cash and cash equivalents held by Jibestream at the closing, minus, if a negative number, the absolute value of the Estimated Working Capital Adjustment (as defined in the purchase agreement (the "Purchase Agreement")), minus any amounts loaned by the Purchaser to Jibestream to settle any Indebtedness (as defined in the Purchase Agreement) or other fees, minus any cash payments to the holders of outstanding options to settle any in-the-money options, minus the deferred revenue costs of CAD $150,000, and minus the costs associated with the audit and review of the financial statements of Jibestream required by the Purchase Agreement (collectively, the "Estimated Cash Closing Amount"); plus (ii) 176,289 shares of the Company's common stock, which was equal to CAD $3,000,000, converted to U.S. dollars based on the exchange rate at the time of the closing, divided by $12.4875 which was the price per share at which shares of the Company's common stock were issued in the Company's common stock offering on August 12, 2019 ("Inpixon Shares").
Acquisition excess shares to be issued upon approval of shareholders | shares 63,645
Holdback Amount % of purchase price 15.00%
Total Purchase Price $ 5,062
Cash paid at closing of acquisition 3,714
Stock issued value $ 1,348
Acquisition, description The Company acquired a lease obligation with an operating lease right of use asset of approximately $371,000 and an operating lease obligation of approximately $371,000 which are included in other assets and other liabilities, respectively, in the purchase price allocation.