Quarterly report pursuant to Section 13 or 15(d)

Locality Acquisition (Details Textual)

Locality Acquisition (Details Textual) - Locality [Member]
$ in Thousands
1 Months Ended
May 21, 2019
USD ($)
Locality Acquisition (Textual)  
Cash paid to seller at closing of acquisition $ 204
Cash paid in installments 1,210
Value of the stock issued upon closing $ 514
Description of Locality purchase (i) $1,500,000 (the "Aggregate Cash Consideration") minus a working capital adjustment equal to $85,923, and (ii) 14,445 shares of the Company's common stock with a fair market value of $514,000.
Cash consideration, description (i) the initial installment representing $250,000 minus $46,422 of the working capital adjustment was paid on the closing date; (ii) $210,499 was paid on November 21, 2019, which was comprised of a $250,000 installment less $39,501 of the working capital adjustment; (iii) two additional installments, each equal to $250,000, will be paid twelve months and eighteen months after the closing date; and (iv) one final installment representing $500,000 will be paid on the second anniversary of the closing date, in each case minus the cash fees payable to the advisor in connection with the acquisition.
Adjusted Allocation [Member]  
Locality Acquisition (Textual)  
Total purchase price $ 1,928