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Subsequent Events

Subsequent Events
9 Months Ended
Sep. 30, 2020
Subsequent Events [Abstract]  
Subsequent Events

Note 22 - Subsequent Events


At-The-Market Program


During the quarter ending December 31, 2020, the Company issued 213,474 shares of common stock in connection with the ATM, at per share prices between $1.1206 and $1.1209, resulting in net proceeds to the Company of approximately $230,000 after subtracting sales commissions and other offering expenses.


Nanotron Acquisition


On October 6, 2020, we acquired, through our wholly-owned subsidiary Inpixon GmbH, all of the outstanding capital stock (the "Nanotron Shares") of Nanotron Technologies GmbH, a limited liability company incorporated under the laws of Germany ("Nanotron"), pursuant to the terms and conditions of that certain Share Sale and Purchase Agreement, dated as of October 5, 2020 (the "Purchase Agreement"), among the Purchaser, Nanotron and Sensera Limited, a stock corporation incorporated under the laws of Australia and the sole shareholder of Nanotron (the "Seller").


As a result of the acquisition, we now own 100% of Nanotron. Nanotron's business consists of developing and manufacturing location-aware IoT systems and solutions.


At the closing, the Purchaser paid to the Seller an aggregate purchase price of $8,700,000 (less the Holdback Funds (as defined below) and certain other closing adjustments) for the Nanotron Shares ("Purchase Price"). The Purchase Price may be subject to certain post-Closing adjustments based on actual working capital as of the closing as described in the Purchase Agreement. The Purchaser retained $750,000 (the "Holdback Funds") from the Purchase Price to secure the Seller's obligations under the Purchase Agreement, with any unused portion of the Holdback Funds to be released to the Seller on the date that is 18 months after the closing date. The Purchaser paid the Purchase Price from funds received in connection with a capital contribution from us, and a portion of the Purchase Price was used by the Seller to satisfy outstanding loans payable by the Seller to obtain the release of certain existing security interests on Nanotron's assets.


Subscription of Units of Cardinal Venture Holdings


On September 30, 2020, we entered into a Subscription Agreement (the "Subscription Agreement") with Cardinal Venture Holdings LLC, a Delaware limited liability company ("CVH"), pursuant to which we agreed to (i) contribute up to $1,800,000 (the "Contribution") to CVH and (ii) purchase up to 599,999 Class A Units of CVH (the "Class A Units") and up to 1,800,000 Class B Units of CVH (the "Class B Units," and, together with the Class A Units, the "Units"). The aggregate purchase price of $1,800,000 for the Units is deemed to be satisfied through the Contribution. The $1,800,000 purchase price was paid on October 12, 2020 and therefore that is the date the purchase of the Units was closed.


CVH owns certain interests in the sponsor entity (the "Sponsor") to a special purpose acquisition company formed for the purpose of pursuing an initial public offering of its securities followed by effecting a merger, capital stock exchange, asset acquisition, stock purchase, reorganization or similar business combination with one or more businesses (the "SPAC"). It is anticipated that the Contribution will be used by CVH to fund the Sponsor's purchase of securities in the SPAC.


Nadir Ali, our Chief Executive Officer, beneficially owns membership interests in CVH through 3AM LLC, a Delaware limited liability company and a founding member of CVH ("3AM").


Concurrently with our entry into the Subscription Agreement, we entered into the Amended and Restated Limited Liability Company Agreement of CVH (the "LLC Agreement"), dated as of September 30, 2020. Under the terms of the LLC Agreement, in the event the Managing Member (as defined in the LLC Agreement) can no longer manage CVH's affairs due to his death, disability or incapacity, 3AM will serve as CVH's replacement Managing Member. Except as may be required by law, the Company, as a non-managing member under the LLC Agreement, does not have any voting rights and generally cannot take part in the management or control of CVH's business and affairs.


The LLC Agreement provides that each Class A Unit and each Class B Unit represents the right of the Company to receive any distributions made by the Sponsor on account of the Class A Interests and Class B Interests, respectively, of the Sponsor.


We are not required to make additional capital contributions to CVH, unless any such capital contribution is approved by all of CVH's members. In addition, the LLC Agreement contains terms and conditions that provide for limitations on liability, restrictions on rights to distributions and certain indemnification rights for CVH's members.