Quarterly report pursuant to Section 13 or 15(d)

Acquisition of Shoom, Inc. (Details)

Acquisition of Shoom, Inc. (Details) (Shoom Inc [Member], USD $)
Aug. 31, 2013
Shoom Inc [Member]
Assets Acquired:  
Cash $ 3,669,000
Marketable securities 605,000
Receivables 141,000
Other assets (Note A) 178,000 [1]
Property and equipment 29,000
Trade name/trademarks (Note B) 120,000 [2]
Customer relationships (Note B) 1,270,000 [2]
Developed technology (Note C) 1,380,000 [3]
Goodwill 1,164,000
Assets Acquired 8,556,000
Liabilities Assumed:  
Accounts payable 69,000
Other current liabilities (Note D) 380,000 [4]
Liabilities Assumed 449,000
Purchase Price $ 8,107,000
[1] Other current assets consist primarily of approximately $137,000 of prepaid expenses, $30,000 of other receivables and $11,000 of security deposits.
[2] The trade name/trademarks and customer relationships are identifiable intangible assets that are being amortized over their useful life of seven years.
[3] The developed technology is an identifiable intangible asset that is being amortized over their useful life of four years.
[4] Other current liabilities consist primarily of approximately $136,000 of payroll liabilities and $167,000 of profit sharing liabilities.